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Dive deeper into blockchain business networks and their components: ledgers, consensus, smart contracts, and more. Learn how to build your first blockchain application and get more experience with Hyperledger Composer and chaincode to build networks.
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About this course

This course is for developers who already understand the basics of blockchain for business networks. You’ll get a more detailed picture of the components and structures of blockchain business networks, such as ledgers, smart contracts, consensus, certificate authorities, security, roles, transaction processes, participants, and fabrics.

You’ll also get experience working with a blockchain to model, build, and test a business network and create an application that can query a ledger, first by using Hyperledger Composer, and second by working directly in chaincode with command-line tools. Finally, you will learn how to create a blockchain network, and the tasks and components that are required.

Note that this course does not discuss cryptocurrencies except to contrast them with business networks.

What will I get after passing this course?

You will receive a completion certificate.

Course syllabus

  • Blockchain composed
    • What is Hyperledger Composer?
    • Components and structure of Composer
    • An example business network: Car auction market
    • Extensive, familiar, open tool set
    • Demo of Hyperledger Composer
    • Lab 1: Create a Hyperledger Composer solution
    • Module 1 quiz
    • Blockchain fabric development
      • Participants and components overview
      • Developer considerations
      • Lab 2: Write your first blockchain application
      • Module 2 quiz
      • Blockchain architecture
        • Administrator (operator) considerations
        • Security: public vs. private blockchains
        • Architect considerations
        • Network consensus considerations
        • Lab 3: Build your own network
        • Module 3 quiz
        • Final exam
Be sure to complete the course “Blockchain Essentials” or have some experience working with blockchain technologies and applications (other than cryptocurrency) before you start this course.This course is for developers who understand object-oriented programming and can use the command line.

It’s recommended that you use Firefox or Chrome web browser.

Lab requirements

See the lab documentation for specific software requirements. Lab 1 uses the Hyperledger Composer Playground that you should install locally. Labs 2 and 3 require Docker images so that you can build a network and create an application on Hyperledger Fabric.

The prerequisite installation instructions are specific to Mac and Ubuntu users. However, if you use Windows, you can develop models from scratch by using VSCode and the Hyperledger Composer plugin. See Step 3 in the instructions for installing development tools.

Course instructors

Ant Cole

Worldwide Blockchain Engagement, IBM Industry Platform

David Gorman

Global Blockchain Labs Engagement, IBM Industry Platform

Course staff

Michelle Carey

IBM Courseware Developer

Cesar Cantua

Cesar Cantua

IBM Courseware Developer

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 6 hours

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