Data Visualization with Cognos Dashboard Embedded


In this course, participants are exposed to the necessary skills to make decisions efficiently by learning data visualization and story telling using Cognos Dashboard Embedded.
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About This Course

Data visualization allows stakeholders to quickly and effectively see the story behind data. As a data scientist or data analyst, you should have the skill to tell stories from your data, and the best way to do this is with meaningful visuals. This course will provide you the foundations of Data Visualization using the Cognos Dashboard Embedded (CDE) tool.

Course Topics

  • Registration to the IBM Cloud
  • Creating a Cognos Dashboard Embedded (CDE) service on the Cloud
  • Accessing CDE from Cognitive Class Labs
  • Loading and inspecting datasets with CDE
  • Building a dashboard with CDE
  • Publishing your dashboard
  • Using heatmaps and word clouds
  • How do you choose different visualizations
  • Storytelling with visualizations

General Information

  • This course is self-paced with lessons made visible by the instructors following the course schedule.
  • It must be completed during the assigned course semester.
  • After completion it will still be accessible as long as you are a student of the Centrum MBA program.

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 3 hours

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