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As the world advances in the twenty first century, managers and executives face different types of challenges due to glocalization of business and economy. Some of the salient changes witnessed in recent past include the deregulation and liberalization of economies, changing industry structures, digital disruptions, mergers and acquisitions, and alliance formations to sustain growth and profitability in the wake of changes in consumer preferences and life-style, and emergence of new forms of organization and management practices. In this era of continuous changes, managers need to equip themselves with new skills and resources needed to manage their enterprises in the midst of ever-present turbulence. Such managerial skills – based on information, knowledge,
and competence – will help them scale new heights and assume greater responsibilities through their career progression

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, participants will have in depth
understanding of:
• Core Business Management skills and functional knowledge of management disciplines, i.e. Finance, Marketing, Economics, Operations, Information Systems etc.
• Understanding both qualitative and quantitative aspects of management for effective decision making
• Developing strategic decision-making capability by understanding stakeholder interaction, environmental understanding and regulatory boundaries in a market
• Using tools and techniques used to create a structure into complex business situations and interpreting the outcomes to develop business cases
• Understanding the implication of regulatory and economic environment, policies, compliances etc.

Programme Schedule Frequency of online sessions:
3 hour sessions once / twice a week

Course Content

Time: 130 weeks

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