Identify Optical Fibre

  • Course Overview

Optical fibre communication has proven its credibility when it comes to the ever-evolving applications and use case scenarios over other transport media. This course takes the participants through the whole concept of identification of optical fibres for the intended application. It starts with comparing the various types of optical fibres based on modes of propagation and material. It then explains the concepts of fibre optics, specific use cases of different spectrum bands used in optical fibre communication. This course also lists the applications of optical fibres in fixed access and mobile networks.


  • Course Pre-requisites

The course is applicable to all technical and non-technical professionals of any organization operating in telecom technology domain.


  • Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • List the types of optical fibres
  • Differentiate the use cases, advantages, and disadvantages for single mode and multi-mode types of fibres
  • Explain the principle of reflection, refraction, and Total Internal Reflection used in optical fibre communication
  • Calculate the light collecting capabilities in terms of Numerical Aperture and V-number in both single mode as well as multi-mode fibres
  • List the reasons for losses in optical fibres
  • Explain the relevance and the applications of different spectrum bands allocated for optical fibre communication
  • Comprehend the applications of optical fibres in fixed access and mobile networks


  • Course Duration

This duration of this e-learning course is of approximately 35 minutes.

Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 10 weeks



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