Fibre Tools and Equipment for Testing and Splicing

  • Course Overview


Fibre Optic cable requires using various mechanical tools and equipment that must adhere to standard parameters and settings, to assists the fibre-optic devices in the successful transmission of information from source to receiver. These tools and equipment also help to reduce signal loss and strengthen weak signals. This course begins with an explanation of various tools like Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Visual Fault Locator, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Optical Power Meter, Mechanical Cleavers, Mechanical Splicers and Optical Fusion Splicers and how they contribute in carrying out seamless transmission of information.


  • Course Pre-requisites

This course is applicable to all technical and non-technical professionals involved in the telecommunication domain.


  • Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the working principle, parameters involved and applications of the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Use of Visual Fault locator, its working principle, important parameters involved and its application as a continuity tester
  • Understand the working principle of Optical Spectrum Analyzer and its use
  • Explain the structure, constituents and working principle of Optical Power Meter
  • Understand Mechanical Cleavers and their use
  • Explain the procedure to use mechanical splicers to splice two bare fibers and secure them mechanically
  • Describe Fusion Splicing procedure using Optical Fusion Splicers


  • Course Duration


The duration of this e-learning course is approximately 25 minutes.

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 10 weeks



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