Fibre Laying Installation and Planning Guidelines

  • Course Overview

Fibre Optics Technology is widespread around the world due to its advantageous features and customizable capabilities. It has been applied in many industries, which is why it is bound to design, manufacture and offer transmission performance at certain standard specifications. This course introduces participants to the methods of installing fibre optic cables inside and outside the plant. The course will also cover the benefits of labeling in optical distribution frames and fibre management systems in optical transmission networks.


  • Course Pre-requisites

The course is applicable to all technical and non-technical professionals of any organization operating in telecom technology domain.


  • Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics, benefits and application of geographic information system (GIS) in optical fibre installation
  • Explain and list the key steps of fibre route planning inside and outside the plan
  • Understand the requirements while choosing fibre optic components and plan the actual installation.
  • Mention the basic functions of Optical Distribution Frames
  • Identify labelling in fibre management system


  • Course Duration

The duration of this e-learning course is of approximately 50 minutes.

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons Time: 10 weeks



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