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AWS Big Data Course



Course Overview:

This AWS Big Data course covers the concepts of big data and AWS cloud computing. You will learn about cloud deployment models; Kinesis Data Analytics; and data storage, collection, processing, analysis, visualization, and security services for performing distributed processing on the AWS platform. This AWS Big Data course is aligned with the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) certification exam.[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Course Highlights(Same as features)

● 5 hours of online self-paced learning
● 40 hours of instructor-led online training
● Four industry-based course-end projects
● Interactive learning with Jupyter notebooks integrated labs
● Dedicated mentoring session from our industry expert faculty members[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Course Delivery Method:

Online Bootcamp- Online, self-paced, video-based learning and live virtual classroom conducted by the industry’s leading AWS coach. This course includes Simpliearn’s Integrated lab platform.[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]



There are no prerequisites for taking this AWS Big Data course but it is recommended that you have some knowledge of AWS technical essentials, in addition to an understanding of big data basics and Hadoop concepts.[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Skills Covered:

● AWS Quicksight and Aurora
● Kinesis Analytics
● AWS Lambda and Glue
● s3 and DynamoDB
● Redshift
● Amazon RDS
● Hive on EMR and HBase with EMR[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Tools Covered:

AWS EMR, Kinesis, Quicksight, Sagemaker, and AWS cloud platform[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Who Will Benefit(Persona):

The AWS Big Data course is best suited for the following professionals:
● Data scientists
● Data analysts
● Data engineers
● Solutions architects[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Key Learning Outcomes(same content can be used as in brochure no Seo implications):

● Understand how to use Amazon EMR for processing the data using Hadoop ecosystem tools
● Understand how to use Amazon Kinesis for big data processing in real-time
● Analyze and transform big data using Kinesis Streams
● Visualize data and perform queries using Amazon QuickSight[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]



This AWS Big Data course is aligned with the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (DAS-C01) certification exam.[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]


Certification Criteria:

Online Classroom:
● Attend one complete batch of AWS Big Data certification training
● Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 80%[/su_005_posts_bk_bk]

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 5 hours



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