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Fibre Optic Source Free
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Fibre Optic Source

March 14, 2022 / No Comments

Course Overview Fibre optic cable is just a dark fibre pipe without any signal passing through it. It is Optic sources that enable communication through it. Like any other transport medium, fibre optic cable also has limitation in terms of the distance it can allow communication between a transmitter and…

Fibre Optic Cable Design Free
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Fibre Optic Cable Design

March 12, 2022 / No Comments

Course Overview Variety of application scenarios makes Optical fibre makes it a preferred choice amongst various types of transport media options. Hence Fibre Optic cable design plays an important role when it comes to aligning it with the intended use case. This course takes the participants through the construction of…

Identify Optical Fibre Free
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Identify Optical Fibre

March 12, 2022 / No Comments

Course Overview Optical fibre communication has proven its credibility when it comes to the ever-evolving applications and use case scenarios over other transport media. This course takes the participants through the whole concept of identification of optical fibres for the intended application. It starts with comparing the various types of…

Evolution of Transport Networks Free
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Evolution of Transport Networks

March 12, 2022 / No Comments

Course Overview Transport networks have been the backbone of all the possible telecommunication systems across the globe. Be it our traditional fixed line networks or internet services provider connections or even latest 5G mobile networks, none of these would have been possible without transport networks. Like any other system, Transport…

Class Room_Lead 360 ₹20,500.00
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Class Room_Lead 360

February 8, 2021 / No Comments
 Fiber Optic Technician Program Description: This unit is concerned with the installation,splicing,termination and testing of fiber optic cables,typically a multi-element, singlemode fiber cable of atleast 24 fibers, used in an external environment. Duration: 4 days(20 learning hours)Self-paced,Live Webinar, Q&A, Assessment Recommended Installation Procedures Fibre optics in communication networks Fibre…
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Class Room_Opticonn ₹19,500.00
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Class Room_Opticonn

November 24, 2020 / No Comments
Opticonn: Building Advanced Optical Fibre Infrastructure. Description: Day – 1: About Fiber Optics technology & data transmission with light source Day – 2: Various types of network architecture for the building Fiber Optics Network & types of cable Duration: 2 Days (10 hours) STL IntroductionFibre Optics Technologies – Fibre Type…

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